Puja Online

 If you want to do puja but you are not able to come here due to any circumstances then we offer Puja as a service. We will do puja on you behalf. We will decide when your puja will be performed, and then we will inform you about the day and send the video of the puja after completing the puja.

  • Puja in Kedarnath
  • Kedarnath is located near Mandakini river in the Garhwal Himalaya range. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and it is one among the Char Dham.
  • Puja in Badrinath
  • Badrinath temple is in Chamoli Garhwal Himalaya, on the banks of the Alaknanda River. Badrinath temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, and it is one among the Char Dham.
  • Puja in Kalimath
  • Kalimath is one among the 108 shaktipith of Uttrakhand and held in very high religious esteem. It is one of the "Siddha Peetha" of the region and is held in high religious esteem.

You decide to offer puja and you book puja with us. In sign up process we collect all the necessary information and we call you to collect more information and confirm your booking. When you book the puja after Sign up you can mention your Sankalp and we will offer your puja with that Sankalp. If you have booked Puja and we have accepted it then It is our Guarantee that it will be done.

It depends on which puja you decide to offer. We guarantee that the puja will be done by highly qualified people in that particular field like a Vaidika puja will be done by only qualified Veda Pathi.

We will decide when your puja will be performed, and then we will inform you about the day and send the video of the puja after completing the puja. You will receive prasad via courier.

If you can come by yourself and offer puja to Lord, there is no substitute for it. But many time due to physical condition or financial condition if it is not possible to come and afford the expenses then you must not miss the secondary option. To offer a simple 5 min Puja here may cost many thousand rupees so with our package you can afford it easily from you home.

As per Sastra if we perform puja with the Sankalpa of the benefit of some other person then it also works as the person performing puja himself. We can take the example of a person who is in a hospital, and we perform Mahamritunjaya for his good health, and he gets the benefit of this. The main deciding factor is with what Sankalpa we offer the Puja, and Lord knows everything.

This again depends on of what Puja you selected to offer. Our basic puja package is for a group Puja where Sankalp will be done separate for all, and then we perform a group puja for all, but you can select a puja which will be done separately only for you.

About US

We are a group of Vaidika Brahmins who are well versed in Veda, Vedanta and karmkandam. Pt. Rajesh Benjwal, who is guiding this whole project, has studied Veda Vedanta in Arhsa Vidya Gurukulam under Pujya Swami Dayanada Sarswati ji. He is the writer of the book “Tattvabodha” also. He is well versed in chanting Vaidika suktam and well versed in tantra tradition also.

We have a group of Veda Pathi, Sastri and Acaryas who are well versed in karmkandam. They will perform the Puja ordered by devotees.

Why to choose us

  • We assure you that your Puja is performed by creating the video of the Puja and sending the video to you.
  • We keep in mind the Puja is performed with the traditional way, and we do not compromise with Sastriya method for the sake of comfort.
  • We are already doing these Pujas from a long time with a very high percentage of success, the same we are now doing by reaching to you online.
  • We keep in mind when it comes to chanting Veda mantra only our pandits who are well versed in Vaidika chanting perform that chanting to ensure the best result of that Puja.
  • We are the only group of Pandita and Vaidika scholars who provide sasvar Rudrabhisekham in Kedarnath and sasvar Rudrabisekham for the groups of devotees.