In Indian astrology, gemstones are recommended based on the position of planets in your horoscope. Although it is believed that by wearing these gemstones you can neutralize the malefic planets, but this is certainly not part of Veda, as many people claims. Gemstone remedies are not prescribed by any authentic Indian Astrology book written by a Sage. In Purana, some gemstones are mentioned bu they are to attract a planet power not to neutralize any planet. So recommend only to wear gemstone related to a planet which is beneficial for you. For planets which you want to neutralize, we recommend Vaidika Anusthana.

You can consult us before wearing any Gemstones as it may be harmful to you if you wear a wrong gemstone.

There are nine major gemstones.


Contrary to the popular believe Coal does not play any significant role in the formation of diamonds. Most of the diamonds are much older than any source material of Coal. It is believed that who wear diamond he live a luxurious life. It attracts power of Venus, so it supposes to enhance the sexual power and artistic qualities of a person. He should gain name and fame. If Venus can be beneficial for you as per your horoscope, then you can wear diamond.

You should wear it in Gold and Middle Finger.


Ruby is gemstone prescribed for the Sun, which is in a good position in Horoscope. It gives name and fame and commanding power and enhance the overall status of a person. It is helpful in building a good relationship and draw benefits from Government.

You should wear it in Gold and Ring Finger.


It is good to cure insomnia and enhance memory. It is also helpful in controlling anger and keeping mind peaceful. It is prescribed for Moon.

You should wear it in Silver and Little Finger.


It helps in curing blood diseases and boost courage. It also ensures material happiness. It is prescribed for Mars.

You should wear it in Gold and Ring Finger.


It is helpful in increasing brain power and refining the communication skill of a person. It is prescribed for Mercury.

You should wear it in Gold and Little Finger.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

This gemstone anyone can wear, and it is rare to see any adverse effect of this stone. It is believed that Pukharaj has healing power, and it improves the financial status and gives success in desired field. It is also prescribed for bachelor people to have a good life partner. It is prescribed for Jupiter.

You should wear it in Gold and Index Finger.

Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

It is believed that this stone show its effect very quickly and can elevate the status of a person in very short time. It is believed that it shows its adverse effect also very quickly so you should consult with a good astrologer before wearing it. It can provide everything that you desire. It is prescribed for Saturn.

You should wear it in Gold and Middle Finger.


Gomed helps in achieving your goals in less time and help in removing delay in fulfilling your ambitions. It is prescribed for Rahu.

You should wear it in Silver and Middle Finger.

Cat's eye (lahsuniya)

It protects the wearer from black magic and hidden enemies. It can be very useful for businessmen, and giver of the desired result, if Ketu position is good in their horoscope. It is prescribed for Ketu.

You should wear it in Gold and Middle Finger.